Motion detection with Foscam Ip camera

This post will be about the motion detection and what i use it for..
Every one thinks motion detection is used for alarms and burglars.
Well i use it to capture lightning and bird as it seems!!!!motion setup

This is the setup for my camera, as you can see, i have it enabled 24 hours a day and set to email me anything it picks up. So far since I’ve had this setup running I’ve captured hundreds of birds and clouds but  no lightning  yet, just waiting for that storm!!!
In the testing stages, i managed to capture a lightning flash(no bolt lightning). Now the great thing about this camera is the fact it’ll capture 3 shots on detection, upload to my NAS FTP and email me those pictures and at the end of the day, all the photo’s are copied across to a motion jpg folder with the current date for my viewing later.
The night captures are set to the same as above, but will be uploaded onto my web site in the morning..

Some nature shots

Most of the time it captures fast-moving clouds as well had birds, luckily the setting allow the area of detection to be set, so all the trees and the TV antenna(yes on the left is the neighbours TV antenna) are excluded..

Well that’s it for the motion detection side…




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