Time to talk about the Foscam IP camera

Well, lets start for the start.

At first i purchased a Zmodo 720P camera and was trying to get it working with Ispy which i originally planning on using.
The camera it self was from Ebay for like $95, it was very small and cheap..
That about the only good things i can say about it. The picture when i got it to work was brilliant, The IR couldn’t be turned off, it would freeze after 10 seconds with Ispy and the final straw it locked up and had to be reset…
Needless to say, after wasting 4 days, I send that bitch back..
After some good and bad reviews about the Foscam brand, i took the plunge, it was double the price, but hell, it was worth it…………
I had it running under Ispy in under 1 minutes without issue and had it bolted to our pergola that weekend.

Unfortunately, Ispy was cut out for what i wanted, it was a video stream capture that used too much resources for my liking.

That’s when i researched the FTP side on the camera’s own interface and found, that with ease i was able to ftp a jpg every X seconds to my FTP NAS drive(network attached Storage)

The camera model is a Foscam FI9805W, I’ve had to switch the camera off and on once in the last 5 months, which i blame on my ultra flakey 8 year old router, i know, i;ll replace it soon!!!
As far as usability, it’s a set and forget camera, it’s running in wireless mode, so network setup, DNS addressing to the outside world, Email sending setup and now motion detection.
It’s as easy as that.
The camera it’s self take a pretty good shot but, night-time is not so good. But hey, IT’S A WEATHER CAM……

Obviously i don’t have IR turned on as not needed and the moths attack the IR lights which make for some unusual motion captures at night.
Like this one time I had updated the camera’s firmware before work and reset defaults but forgot to switch off IR and i work night shift, lets just say i received  over 100 emails that night of those little moth buggas……

Anyway, i’m stoked with this Foscam camera and can’t really fault it, it does everything i need and more………………….




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