YouTube usage as a online archive

Now this is great idea..
I already keep a local time-lapse video archive and a YouTube local archive, but i will run out of space soon, currently i have 9Gb of time-lapse videos…
But then i had an idea……
Publish them on YouTube, bingo unlimited space, i think…
Now i have set up ads to monetize my videos so please click on the ads, so far I’ve made 31 cents, soon I’ll be able to call someone to tell them about it!!!!

I have hundreds of videos on my channel.

The videos are of higher quality than on my site as they are double in size, i re encode them separately using the same source images but with a different FFmpeg command line and add a watermark with my site address(only in the last week).
I’ve even included some cheesy free background music!!!!
I only wish i could automatically upload them to YouTube!!!!!

So remember click on the ads and i might be able to recover enough money to ring YOU and tell you about it!!!!




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