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Issues resolved with uploads and site.

The issues over the last few days regarding uploading/creating time-lapse have been resolved.
The weather station started going offline sometimes for hours at a time, this seemed to only happen while i was at work!!
According to my status page,  Cumulus had restarted several times but the system did not, after looking into it some more, i found the system had been up and running for 86 days without a restart due to a restart script not firing..

Thinking this was the, the system was restarted, but failed again.

Possible solution solution 2 : Rebuild the Netbook running the weatherstation as the event viewer showed error with jpg files missing causing my powershell script to error out.
Well at 1am(the only time i could between 2 jobs), it was formatted and set backup.
It failed yet again…

Solution 3 – the real fix : I found my task scheduler was loading my script multiple times!!!
I had remoted into the Netbook to see my hourly script was running 6 times, this was causing it to hang the system and error out with the powershell scripts.
Removed the third party scheduler and configured windows own scheduler.

Problem fixed……………

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