Lightning project update

Just a little update with more details about what this project is about…

First up, the main App/servers/network information can be found here(blitzortung)
Awaiting the new devices to become available, which should be sometime this year….
The lightning map can be found here which is the world map and is a live map.

Currently there is only 2 of these devices in South Australia which are located 300-500km away from my location and closer to the boarder(Australian map).

These detectors can detect lightning up to 2000km away, so the benefit to SA is worth it as from my location i should be able to detect lightning into  Western Australia and Northern Territory.

The install will require nothing more that a active network connection and  GPS(built in).
I will opting for the Ferrite antennas as this will allow for a total indoor install and as the unit has a USB connection, i’ll link it into my Netbook which will allow the use of maps and detections.

For now, I’m waiting for the devices as the next version will be pre built with new features/updates. So hopefully early this year.
The cost of this project is going to up in the AUS$600-700 mark….
So for this project to take off, I need donations.
So far, i’ve raised just under 10% of the total.
So if you can make a donation to help, thanks(paypal link at bottom of page)……


As always, as this project continues, I will be documenting the whole process in detail.

All donations will be used for the Lightning project

Donate Button with Credit Cards
PayPal enabled



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