Welcome to my new blog/web site. This blog is to help other users to setup/create an online weather station. By all means i not a expert in web design or even programming for that matter, But i’ve managed to setup my own personal weather station that includes as followed :

  • web site provided by Cumulus(customised to suit)
  • Observation pages every 30 minutes for the last 5 days
  • Web cam outputting stills
  • over layed weather data onto image
  • Motion detection day/night
  • hourly time lapse MP4 video
  • daily MP4 video
  • Highlight photos Through out the day
  • Full Jpeg archive(local)
  • Time lapse archive via Youtube

All this is controlled by custom script running on a standalone netbook setup…. All scripts shared and explained So sit back and i hope you learn and enjoy…. And check out my other blog Fertigation (fertilizer injection system) which is all about my custom injection system and my veggie patches………..(large blog with loads of info)

The steps start to finish



 Please feel free to make a donation, all donations will be used to improve this blog/weather site

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